Biodegradable protective packaging, made from used coffee beans.

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BeenBean is creating biodegradable protective packaging, replacing polystyrene packaging for things like TV’s, laptops, deliveries & more.

Styrene based packaging (i.e. Polystyrene) is very harmful to the environment and very difficult (and energy-intensive) to recycle. (See: Ashton Cofer’s TED talk )

Every day, millions of cups of coffee are consumed globally. Most of the used coffee beans head to landfill as there is no established way to recycle them.

Here 2 problems come together to provide a solution:

Problem: Polystyrene is energy-intensive to make and destroy, almost impossible to recycle and hard to repurpose.

Problem: Polystyrene and Coffee Beans both add to growing amounts of waste at landfill, with the products we buy and cups of coffee we drink, millions of tons go straight to landfill. Whilst these coffee beans still hold huge untapped biological potential.

SOLUTION: Protective packaging made from used coffee beans takes polystyrene out of the equation, taking both polystyrene and used coffee beans from landfill, whilst also keeping your new TV or smart speaker just as safe. And by using BeenBean packaging, you can break the packaging up into chunks, sprinkle it on your garden and provide natural fertiliser (as coffee beans are rich in nitrates).

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